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Pocket Penguin Hug

Pocket Penguin Hug

During these unusual times why not send a pocket penguin to someone special. These Waci Glass pocket penguins are handmade and have the penguin hugging a heart
Each pocket penguin measures approx 3cm x 3cm and is attached to a card with double sided tape which can easily be removed.

A message can be included on the card, such as “hugs” or "thinking of you" which can be selected from the menu or one with no message. 

Your senders name can be added on a separate card with a small message. 
Please indicate if this is required. Card size is the same size as the pocket heart card 7cm x 6cm approx. Maximum wording 35 words.

All pocket penguins are handmade and will vary slightly as each item is individual and unique, the images shown are examples shown for size and scale only.


We provide a message card as a free option, and don’t charge extra. Sometimes it is not always possible to add them, messages may be provided in format that cannot be done, too many words or for other reasons not specified. We may contact you about it but to speed dispatch we will then post the glass tokens without the message. Thank You.

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